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"Never be without power!"
PowerUp Power Systems Has Your Back
"Never be without power!"
PowerUp Power Systems Has Your Back
"Never be without power!"
PowerUp Power Systems Has Your Back
"Never be without power!"
PowerUp Power Systems Has Your Back
"Never be without power!"
PowerUp Power Systems Has Your Back
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Residential Generators

Our home standby residential generator systems sizes range from 7,000 Watts to 80,000 Watts and cost between $4,500 to over $35,000, fully installed.
There are many manufacturers to choose from: Briggs& Stratton, Generac, GE, and Gillette.
While many generator companies typically work with only one manufacturer, we prefer to work with several. The reason being, we want to honestly provide the best solution for your specific needs.

Commercial Generators

Commercial generators can make a big difference to make your business continue to be open and profitable due to a power outage. You’ll need understandable answers to complicated questions. PowerUp is the dealer who is knowledgeable and dedicated to generator sales and service to provide the backup power needed. Commercial generator systems are available to run on natural gas, propane or diesel and start within seconds after the power goes out. We also provide remote generator monitoring services as well.  

Mobile Generators

The POWERUP Mobile Generator System is rated for continuous service at the load specified 50 amps. The system is built as a system, tested as a system, and certified as a system to test its full power rating, stability, voltage, and frequency regulation.

We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer. Request a quote.

Electrical Services

PowerUp’s residential services range from installation of new light fixtures, wiring, re-wiring, expanding service capacity to damage repair. We understand that your home and belongings are important and you can trust us to complete our work with care, skill and professionalism.

Traffic Systems

PowerUp Traffic System is a natural gas powered generator system that is designed to supply backup power to stoplight intersections and railroad crossing gates. It features a 6 kW brush-less commercial generator. It will supply power to any location that needs 50 amps or less of backup power.

Emergency Shelter Programs

The premise is simple. Churches, Synagogues, and other non-profit organizations have facilities that are often under utilized, at least at certain times during the week and during Storms or Natural disasters. And these organizations hold as part of their core values and beliefs the idea of providing for the less fortunate.

“Never be without power!



Our dedicated team of trained and skilled technicians is available to answer and resolve any questions and projects you may have.

With customer satisfaction as our main goal, we strive to be the most customer service-oriented and efficient supplier of generator services in your local area. We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations, and aim to deliver high-quality services and workmanship on time and every time.

What has been said

Everyone needs a back up plan. These guys can put you at ease!

Keith Dillard

Great people, great products, and you’re sure to receive great service!

Jonathan Clem

Anyone with medical equipment should not lose electricity to their homes, I recommend Randy Smith of PowerUp Power Systems.

Duane Ebarb

We chose PowerUp Power Systems based on the value, the price and the warranty provided. Our installation was flawless.

Linda Vilder