The premise is simple. Churches, Synagogues, and other non-profit organizations have facilities that are often under utilized, at least at certain times during the week and during Storms or Natural disasters. And these organizations hold as part of their core values and beliefs the idea of providing for the less fortunate. Well, Shelter from the Storm is a program which helps these organizations exercise these values and beliefs, provide shelter for members and friends during times of disasters or storms while making good use of their facilities. We hope by years end to have over 50 churches within this program. By providing backup electrical power, facilities can provide shelter, possibility hot meals, a place to sleep and shower,and a meeting place for the community.

Food needs can be prepared and served if those facilities are available. Beds could be made available, and laundry of all the linens for those beds could be done. Drivers could pick up and drop off the guests. If so equipped, showers and laundry facilities could be available to the  guests.. Beds, in whatever form, could be set up and taken down, and properly cleaned after each use. And clean up of the general areas used, and returning them to their regular configuration after the event is over. There are other things that person could do to volunteer, depending on what the organization provides. As you can see, there’s a lot of service that can be done. But it is a great activity, and you can certainly make short work of these tasks if you have many people involved.