While we cannot 100% predict the weather, we can be prepared for WHEN it occurs. Electricity is critical to your business, and business generators can keep your business running during an outage! As a business owner, loss of power can be checked off your worry list.

How Power Loss Affects Businesses

What happens if you are in a restaurant and the power goes out? Or if you are in a retail setting and suddenly everything goes dark?

A larger question may be what happens in a healthcare environment when medical treatment and human life are at stake. Chaos is a good guess. Panic, perhaps. In some instances, theft. If YOU are the business owner, these are YOUR concerns and issues to tackle!

No matter what business you are in, electricity is critical to delivering goods and services to your customers or clients. Perhaps even more than that, electricity is vital in providing safety for the customers, clients and employees.

Business Generators

Whether it be a local restaurant in Minden, the bakery around the corner in Natchitoches, a huge hospital in Shreveport, our favorite grocery store in Benton, or the church we attend in Haughton, every establishment benefits in one form or fashion from installing a backup generator for their business.

How Business Generators Work To Keep Your Business Working

During inclement weather or any type of electrical glitch, this power source will kick in, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly. Once the grid power is restored, the standby generator will return to just that – standby. It will remain ready for action for the next time it is needed.

PowerUp Power Systems carries numerous manufacturers of commercial generators, including Briggs & Stratton and Gillette. There are an array of sizes and features that cater to businesses of any size and type.

Our commercial-grade business generators are able to power up and assume the electrical load in approximately 10 seconds! That provides a great peace of mind for you commercial business owners! Less down time and less potential for disaster is HUGE.

Briggs & Stratton

Benefits Of Business Generators

Besides keeping the commercial establishment operational, there are other benefits you may have not considered with the addition of an electrical generator, such as:

  • SAFETY First – If your customers and employees are left in the dark, this becomes a safety hazard. Improper lighting leads to falls and other types of accidents. Your business is at a huge disadvantage, as are your customers and employees.
  • Inventory Loss – Darkness invites theft. Without backup power, equipment malfunctions. Your security system goes down. You incur lost revenue, and your entire business suffers.
  • Comfort Level – Nobody wants to sweat or freeze. Your A/C and heating system should be operational at all times for your customers and employees.
  • Waste Management – If any of your products require refrigeration, power loss brings on an entirely new set of issues. Installing a backup commercial generator will alleviate the amount of waste you incur during an outage. This relates to food items, prescriptions, etc. Throwing out products due to lack of refrigeration for an extended period is preventable. PowerUp Power Systems can help!

If your business is in need of a backup power solution, call PowerUp Power Systems. We will help you understand your emergency power requirements, will evaluate your current electrical systems and will prepare a plan outlining the capacity/design/estimate for your business generator.

When you cannot afford to be down, call PowerUp Power Systems!

Cities We Service in Northwest Louisiana

  • Shreveport
  • Keithville
  • Stonewall
  • Gloster
  • Greenwood
  • Blanchard
  • Benton
  • Plain Dealing
  • Bossier City
  • Haughton
  • Elm Grove
  • Minden
  • Ruston
  • Mansfield
  • Natchitoches

What Our Clients Say About Us

In 2008 we purchased our PowerUp Generator system. We purchased the system recommended. It’s about to be protecting us during Hurricane #3! We also recommend their annual service package. Maintenance is an important part of reliability of the system.

Last evening (with Hurricane Laura heading our way) our doorbell rang. Surprised to see our PowerUp maintenance guys at the door. They came to check out the system because of the impending storm. Glad they did our battery was needing replacement and a spark plug was Fouled. We would have not known until it was needed. This is what you can rely on when your a PowerUp customer! Thank you PowerUp , so glad we are a part of your company’s family.

This is an unsolicited testimony from a much satisfied customer.

Ms. Vidler,
Mr. Randy Smith is a very nice sweet helpful person. Him and his crew helped me out in more ways then just the generator. He was honest and trueful. Generator was delivered days before scheduled.
Ms. Green,
I had two generators installed in November at my home and business outside Doyline. Sitting here right now with electricity while my neighbors are out due to the storms this morning. What a relief! Thank you so much!
Ms. Briggs,
Great people, great products, and you’re sure to receive great service!
Mr. Clem,
Installed 4 years now and service has been excellent! As the tropical storm hit our area in August 2020, our unit did not come on early that morning. I called PowerUp and the technician arrived within the next hour. He even had to move a limb in my drive. With the rain and wind hitting him, he efficiently replaced the battery! We highly recommend PowerUp Systems!
Ms. Junkin,
Superb company for all your home generator needs. Maintenance, service, new installs, and repairs. These folks truly care about their clients.
Mrs. Willard,

About PowerUp! Power Systems

Since the very beginning, the mission of PowerUp Power Systems has been to provide customers with effective, efficient, and affordable services. For nearly 25 years, that is exactly what PowerUp has been doing!

PowerUp has proudly been serving the ArkLaTex since the year 2000 as an authorized generator dealer for Briggs & Stratton, GE, Generac, and Gillette. We are a turn-key operation by providing sales, installation, maintenance and repairs of residential, commercial and industrial standby generators.

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