Preventative Maintenance Checklist

PowerUp is honored to Thank you for choosing us to service your generator needs.  Like any investment, a Stand-by Generator requires maintenance to be certain that it will be ready to serve its purpose when the time comes. Regularly scheduled maintenance on these home power solutions is very important, but regularly scheduled maintenance performed properly will give you the peace of mind that you sought in the original purchase of your generator.  Proper preventative maintenance should include:

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Check intake and exhaust for obstructions
  3. Check fault codes
  4. Check battery
  5. Check oil/level condition
  6. Check coolant level & condition (where applicable)
  7. Replace air filter (where applicable)
  8. Replace spark plugs (where applicable)
  9. Valve lash adjustment if required
  10. Manual start
  11. Verify voltage & freq output
  12. Adjust fuel regulator
  13. Adjust engine speed
  14. Change oil using synthetic oil  replace oil filter
  15. Transfer back to utility power
  16. paint pipe to prevent rusting
  17. Wipe down unit
  18. Transfer to generator power with a simulated power outage

Fluid and Filter changes will be performed on an ANNUAL basis, with the exception of Coolant.  Coolant will be changed per manufacturer’s recommended life.  This is usually four years after initial start-up date and at two year intervals thereafter. The cost of this service will be the responsibility of customer.  Maintaining proper Propane or Diesel fuel levels will be the responsibility of the customer, though on the attached checklist PowerUp will notify the customer if additional fuel is needed.  Spark plugs and air filters will be replaced on an “as needed” basis.  All other checks, to include cleaning and testing of the battery, will be conducted on a “per trip” basis.  In addition to performing maintenance, PowerUp agrees to respond in a timely manner to improper operation of the generator.  PowerUp only provides Maintenance service guarantees to current maintenance customers, and cost of parts and/or repairs is not included in the maintenance cost.