Competent dealers of commercial generators can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction with your backup power system. You’ll need understandable answers to complicated questions – look for a dealer who is knowledgeable and dedicated to generator sales and service and has been for a while. Large industrial or construction equipment dealers who happen to sell generators as a side business may offer a good price – but they won’t have the expertise of a dealer who’s more dedicated to selling and servicing commercial generators.
Because maintenance and service are so important, you’ll most often want a generator dealer in your local area. Ask what maintenance services they’ll provide. At a minimum, a standby generator requires an annual checkup of oil levels, air flow, and other factors.

Other questions to ask:

>How many technicians do they have? How many trucks?

>How long have they been in business?

>How many commercial generators similar to yours have they installed in the last year?

>Which brands do they work with the most?