Mobile Generators

The POWERUP Mobile Generator System is rated for continuous service at the load specified 50 amps. The system is built as a system, tested as a system, and certified as a system to test its full power rating, stability, voltage, and frequency regulation.

The POWERUP Mobile Generator System engine has a manual starting method. It also has an automatic voltage regulator alternator. The generator is a brushless alternator with an OHV V-twin Commercial quality engine. The engine size is 570cc. It includes a run-time meter to maintain regular maintenance intervals. The POWERUP Mobile Generator System includes a 12 volt 2 amp SCR voltage regulated current limited Battery Float Charger to maintain fully charged cranking batteries.
The unit includes a built-in Diagnostic Center with alerts to potential maintenance issues and can be tied into a Continuous Monitoring and Reporting System. The Diagnostic Control Center Alerts includes alarms/alerts for:

  • Low Battery
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Low Voltage
  • Engine  fail to start
  • Low Frequency
  • Engine Over speed
  • High Engine Temp.
  • Run time reporting- start/stop
  • Generator enclosure tampering.

Engine wattage is 10,000 W (LP) Voltage is 120/240 V AC Single Phase. Amperage is 75/37.5 The POWERUP Mobile Generator System engine has a thermostatically controlled oil warmer, full pressure lubricator, a Lo Tone muffler, and is set up for propane use. The unit is provided with a means to keep the battery charged with an extension cord.

Tamper Proof Enclosure 
The POWERUP Mobile Generator System outdoor enclosure has dead fronts, and panels for monitoring switches, controls, etc. The unit is constructed of 18 gauge powder coated aluminum. The unit has vented metal sides for efficient air flow as needed and is wired for a cooling fan. An optional Cold Weather Kit is available. The POWERUP Mobile Generator System enclosure top can be removed for maintenance access and contains a Plexiglas panel for access to  reporting. The rear panel door is large enough to allow access to controls and maintenance needs, and comes keyed. All cabinet bolts are tamper proof, and come with a removal tool. All panels are secured with tamper proof bolts and wired alarms can tied into the Continuous Monitoring and Reporting System.
Each enclosure includes a secure maintenance switch to arm or disarm the system.
The enclosure mounts to a mobile trailer utilizing tamper resistant measures. A Gas Kit is provided to include 4 – 20lb cylinders and gas regulator inlet.
A 12 inch flexible fuel line and a fuel shut off inside the cabinet are provided inside the enclosure. A weather-proof box is provided that includes power out cords. A spare tire is included on the trailer unit. A GPS unit can be installed in the tamper-proof enclosure to facilitate tracking if the unit should be stolen. The GPS unit is armed with the Maintenance Switch and has the ability to send an alarm at the point of unit movement and final resting location for locating.

The Continuous Monitoring and Reporting System
The POWERUP Mobile Generator System can have a completely automated continuous monitoring system, coupled with a wireless internet application to perform remote data collection and online analysis, alerting, and reporting.
The Continuous Monitoring and Reporting System utilizes a multi-protocol transmission technology to ensure best available coverage via satellite or cellular..
The web application is capable of sending alarms from processes data by email, text message, or pager.
Reporting includes:

  • >Engine start/stop and Run hours
  • >Monitor of engine parameters (engine: oil and battery)
  • >Monitor of power quality-volts/hertz
  • >High Engine Temp
  • >Unit tampering sensors

Asset location via GPS can be The System provides GPS location when the system is armed, an alarm when the unit is tampered with and moved more than 50ft from it’s armed GPS location, and GPS location at final resting location.  The unit has alarms that can be set to alarm to the customer if the unit is about to run out of fuel and these can be accessed thru any secure laptop connection.