PowerUp Traffic System is a natural gas powered generator system that is designed to supply backup power to stoplight intersections and railroad crossing gates. It features a 6 kW brushless commercial generator. It will supply power to any location that needs 50 amps or less of backup power.

The PowerUp Traffic Systemcomes with a 100 amp 120/240 volt, single phase outdoor automatic transfer panel that is used to activate the generator when it senses a loss of power. The system assumes the full load in less than 20 seconds.  When utility power is restored, the generator shuts off and signal operation is automatically returned to the normal utility power source. The transfer switch is equipped with a feature that allows testing of the unit with or without load from the transfer switch. It is also equipped with a state of the art monitoring system that reports every five seconds, to guarantee up to the minute accuracy and maximum reliability.

The PowerUp Traffic System will completely run the intersection stoplights. Other backup systems can only put the lights to flashing red. Battery backup systems, which are commonly used, can only run the intersection at this state from 2-4 hours, while the PowerUp Traffic System can run for extended periods, from days, up to several weeks.


Engine info:

  • OHV Commercial quality engine
  • Brushless Alternator provides clean and efficient power
  • Run-time Meter helps maintain regular maintenance intervals
  • Battery Charger keeps battery charged at to ensure starting.
  • Automatic starting method
  • 7 Day Exerciser runs ATC for 20 minutes, weekly
  • Overcrank Protection
  • Engine Start-up/transfer -20 seconds
  • Weight: 407 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years


Diagnostic Control Center Alerts + remote system status panel includes alerts for:

  • Low oil shutdown
  • Engine fail to start
  • Low frequency
  • Engine over-speed
  • Low voltage
  • Run time reporting

Automatic Transfer switch 100 amp, 120/240V, 1-phase with generator exerciser-load/no load
The PowerUP -100 Automatic Transfer Switch has a unique exerciser LOAD/NO LOAD test feature that allows Maintenance crews to test the unit without utility outages. The PowerUp Auto switch-100 complements remote start generator sets allowing the PowerUp Standby Power System to be fully automatic. This switch is perfect for applications where adjustable voltage and time delay settings are not required. Settings are fixed at values that are suitable for many different applications.

The PowerUp Auto Switch-100 Automatic Transfer Switch combines reliability and flexibility in a small package for transferring loads between the utility and PowerUp Power Systems. The controller in the switch monitors utility and emergency standby power generator power. When utility power fails or is unsatisfactory, the controller starts the PowerUp System and transfers the load. When the controller senses that utility power is restored it automatically transfers back to utility power, shutting down PowerUp Traffic Systems unit and instantly resetting itself for the next power interruption. No action is required by site staff.

Enclosures :

The ATS panel is a single door hinged product in an outdoor rain proof Enclosure with status lights and test controls for load/no load testing.

Positive Interlocking Mechanical contactor interlocking prevents simultaneous closing of normal and emergency contacts. Independent break-before-make action positively prevents dangerous source-to-source connections.

Microprocessor Control

Reliable, microprocessor based control system with under voltage monitoring of the utility and voltage and frequency sensing of the generator unit, with standard time delays. This switch now comes standard with the Auto Switch-100 controller which provides timing functions, voltage & frequency sensing and the exerciser functions.

Agency Approvals
Complies with NEMA ICS 10
Conforms to applicable requirements for NFPA 110
Listed to UL 1008, CSA, IEC listed to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
ISO 9001 and 14001


PowerUp Traffic Systems Outdoor Enclosure
The PowerUp Power System is housed in a tamper resistant cabinet that measures 48 in. long, 32 in. wide and 36 in. high, about the size of an air conditioning unit. The enclosure has numerous tamper alarms built in to alert the customer if theft is attempted. The controller will automatically emit a warning when certain service panels are removed or opened without a maintenance key. The enclosure is a clean design void of any markings. It is designed for outdoor use as a powder coated Aluminum enclosure that will provide the longest life.  Optional colors are available. This solid unit is constructed of 16 gauge metal. The top of the unit has a window for up to the minute communications to a satellite link and secure website. All fuel and electrical connections are located inside the cabinet for security purposes. Tamper proof bolts are used through out the system.



  • Keeps traffic moving freely during power outagesPower loss to traffic signals can immediately gridlock an intersection and create congestion on arterials and outlying intersections which dramatically increases the likelihood of traffic mishaps.
  • Ensures Public Safety especially during emergency circumstancesNot only does the unit protect civilians from mishaps caused by traffic light outages, it also protects our law enforcement by not exposing them to an increased risk of injury if they are not having to direct traffic during an outage.
  • Most reliable system during any and all weather conditions With constant unit monitoring, our customers can feel confident that in the event of a sudden catastrophic weather event, our system will fully function as expected.
  • Customers are quickly alerted to any changes in the traffic systemOur system checks for start, stop, all available engine trouble codes and tampering of the unit every five seconds ensuring that all information given is accurate and up to the minute.
  • Customer has the ability to monitor the system from anywhere that has web access All information obtained from the unit is sent to our website that can be easily accessed by the customer at any time.
  • Unit blends in with existing equipment to dissuade from vandalism or theftThe unit is void of any flashy markings or advertising to minimize the risk of vandalism or theft. In the event that these do occur, there are anti-graffiti coating and GPS tracking system options available, and all units are equipped with standard tamper alarms with up to minute reporting.
  • Saves budgetary dollars for the Police Department By eliminating the need for law enforcement presence at traffic lights during an outage, we are able to free them for more urgent duties and are able to reallocate funds used for that purpose to other needs.
  • Unit is more cost efficient over an extended period of time than battery powered solutions- Battery powered systems are incapable of satellite reporting, forcing the customer to employ personnel to monitor and maintain their equipment. When placed at an intersection that does not have LED lighting, the battery most likely will not be able to support the amount of power that intersection needs to properly run, thus eliminating the opportunity to power other important equipment at the intersection, such as surveillance cameras. The batteries are extremely temperature sensitive, as the temperature rises, the batteries wattage capability decreases. Lastly, AGM (79H), the type of batteries required, are very costly, especially when replacing anywhere from 4-6 at a time.
  • Continuous unit monitoring achieves a higher level of dependability and reliability The system is required to be dormant for long periods of time, and then required to operate during a power outage or natural disaster. History has shown that equipment in those situations often do not function efficiently unless careful maintenance is performed. Therefore, continuous monitoring provides a critical link to staying on top of system function and maintenance with a minimal manpower effort and maximum efficiency.


MONITORING SYSTEM sets the new standard in easy, cost-effective  monitoring.

  • Continuous monitoring of analog and digital sensors, with data automatically transmitted wirelessly to the application server via satellite.
  • Multi-functional, intuitive, hosted web application resides on our servers.  No software to install–all you need to access your up to the minute data, 24×7, from anywhere in the world, is a web browser and an Internet connection.  Our Server securely houses all your data, allows you to monitor  from one log-in, charts data and generates reports, brokers base station and data alerts, and much more.
  • Our Monitoring Base Station arrives activated with your application server account initialized.
  • Our Network Operations Center is supported by 24 hour technical support, redundant OC3 backbone connections, daily data archives, and diesel back-up power generators.
  • The ACMS technology utilizes multi-protocol transmission technology ensuring the best available coverage…
  • Internet enabled device
  • Web application processes data and sends alarm messages
  • Automatically transmits data to secure web server
  • Robust for long term deployment
  • Access data from any location via internet
  • Engine start/stop reporting
  • Run hour reporting
  • Schedule run verification
  • Monitor engine parameters, including oil and battery
  • Monitor power quality-voltage and Hertz
  • asset location via GPS